Murder Ball Movie

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With an inspiring story, Murderball gives the message of hope, courage, faith and determination. It is based on one of the Paralympic sport commonly known as Wheelchair Rugby in the US. The plot of the movie centers on a rivalry between two of the strongest teams of 2004 Paralympic Games and their quest to overcome all the hurdles. Released in 2005, Murderball took the cinemagoers by storm and earned widespread critical acclaim for its amazing cinematography and an engaging plot.

The masterful direction of Murderball was done by the dynamic duo Henry Alex Rubin and Dana Adam Shapiro. The appealing music was produced by the famous musician and composer, Jamie Saft while Jeffery V. Mandel and Dana Adam Shapiro produced this masterpiece of a movie. The movie notched high rankings on the box office and earned a 7.7 rating on IMDb. In addition to winning multiple awards, Murderball was also nominated for an Oscar. To know further about the movie, you can scroll through different sections of the website that contain detailed information about the cast, crew, reviews, news and other subjects.