Murder Ball Movie

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We are a fan site of the 2005 movie Murderball. Not only is the movie superbly made but it has a great subject matter. A strong and powerful movie, Murderball shows the personal and professional lives of the US quad rugby team who took part in the 2004 Paralympics. The movie also carries the message of going against all odds to fulfill ones dreams.

Murderball provides a look at different aspects of living with disability. The focus of the movie is on both physical and psychological problems faced by the athletes. It is an action-packed documentary which is also full of emotions. Providing an all-round picture, the documentary also gives a glimpse of the private lives and relationships of the athletes.

The movie is touching and aggressive at the same time. There is fast packed action in the training sessions and on the hard court. Also present is the hostility and rivalry between the US and Canadian teams. All these elements in the movie make it a must-watch.

Highlighting the struggle of the quadriplegics, Murderball is a positive look at disability. The movie does not make the viewers feel sorry for the athletes; rather it raises them to the stature of heroes. It is a celebration of determination and pride which the players show both on and off the court.  

The movie started the craze for the sport which prior to its release had a limited exposure. Since the movie came out the sport is followed as passionately as other major sports fans like wrestling, basketball, rugby and hockey.

Murderball is a new way of looking at quadriplegics and shows their zeal for life. Although suffering from disabilities they have high spirits and big dreams of winning just like any other athlete. The movie sets out to shatter the views that are held about disability. Murderball celebrates the spirit of the athletes who although facing mobility issues have the will to go on.