Murder Ball Movie

About The Film

The Academy Award nominated film Murderball is one of the most engaging sports films ever. Thrilling and adrenaline pumping, the documentary film is about the courage of wheelchair bound athletes who stand up against the odds to fulfill their dreams. As competitive and relentless as any other athletes, the players are awe inspiring. Murderball has gone on to win awards at the Indianapolis International Film Festival, Full Frame Documentary Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival.

The documentary focuses on the athletes of the quad rugby US team who took part in the 2004 Paralympics. Murderball follows the athletes from their training till they make their appearance in the event. The reasons for their disabilities are varied but they are united by the passion for the sport. Having high spirits they go against all odds to attempt victory.

Murderball is more than a documentary about a single event. Not only does the film pay homage to the players but it also brings to light the issues faced by people suffering from quadriplegia. The film shows different aspects of professional and private lives of the disabled athletes. Highlighted is the courage and zeal of the players who going against the odds learn to live to the max.

Murderball makes for action-packed film which is both emotive and aspiring. Similar drama and conflict can also be experienced.

The low budget film has been made without the use of extensive equipment but the end result is commendable. Murderball has been directed by the duo Henry Alex Rubin and Dana Adam Shapiro. While the music of the film has been given by Jamie Saft. Rousing and powerful, the music further enhances the multiple emotions that the film evokes.

The game shows the rivalry, competitiveness and bravery of the players. Although they are wheelchair bound but their spirits soar high and they put on a courageous battle at the hard court. The game of Murderball is played by players in custom built wheelchairs which have metal side plates added to them. Although played in wheelchairs the game is a full contact sport. All through the game there are attempts by the players to tackle each other. Rugby involves similar tackling and toughness by the players.

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