Murder Ball Movie

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Evan Strong, 2012 Sochi Snowboard champion, was one of the millions of people who were greatly moved after watching Murderball. The world champion lost his leg in an accident but his life changed forever after watching the movie; who then used his skating skills to wow his family, friends and the world for that matter. “I think I watched it about four times in the two days I had it as a rental,” says Evan Strong. An active participant of Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, he is hopeful that these games will promote the awareness about Paralympic Sports on a massive level and will inspire many others like him to present their talents to the world.

The coming Sochi Olympic Games will be bigger than ever before as they are expected to include 700 athletes and sportsmen from 45 different countries. Just like the 2012 season broke all past ticket sales records and viewership, the 2014 winter season is likely to mark a new era in the history of Olympics as well as Paralympic Games. Different sports categories for 2014 Sochi Paralympic games include Alpine Skating, Biathlon, Cross-Country Skiing, Ice Sledge Hockey and Wheelchair Curling. These competitions are crucial to foster sportsmanship and healthy competition among the athletes and also provide them a great platform to show their potential.

“America wants to see these stories” says Lisa Baird, Chief Marketing Officer of the United States Olympic Committee. This will help promote Paralympic Sports across the world and will bring participants from various countries together to share a common platform.

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