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Mark Zupan:
Suffering from a spinal injury due to an accident, Mark Zupan was introduced to the sport at Jackson Memorial Rehabilitation Hospital. He did not develop a liking for the game right away. His passion for the sport started later while he was attending Georgia Tech in Atlanta for an engineering degree. Soon Mark Zupan moved to Austin, Texas in order to pursue his passion for the game. Proving to be an ace in the game he has been voted Quad Rugby Player of the Year for 2002. He has also been part of the US Paralympics team in 2004 and 2008.

Joe Soare:
Joe Soare’s disability was brought on by a polio attack at the age of nine. He has been playing professional quad rugby since 1989. Proving to be an important member of Tampa Generals he has forty- one consecutive tournament final appearances to his name. Soare’s has also been part of the ninety-three game consecutive winning streak in his time with the team. He is the only athlete to boast of thirteen consecutive US National Championships. Soare’s was part of the 1996 US Paralympics team. He has also served as a coach for Canadian, British and German quad rugby teams.

Keith Cavill:
Hailing from Wayne, NJ, Keith Cavill had a great interest in active sports. He has participated in varied activities like street bikes, ice hockey, snowboarding and motorcycle racing. He suffered from a broken neck in 2003 due to an accident while participating in Motocross. Carrying on with his love for sports he took to quad rugby.

Andy Cohn:
Andy Cohn suffered from a spinal cord injury in an accident at the age of sixteen. The athlete from Arizona has been a vital part of the US Quad Paralympics team. Excelling in the field he was named Athlete of the Year in 2002. He has also been part of the 2008 Paralympics team which won gold for the US. He also works as a mentor for young athletes and works on various projects to help people with disability.

Scott Hogsett:
Scott Hogsett suffers from disabilities due to an accident at the young age of nineteen. The athlete from Spokane, WA has not let that stop him from living life to the full. He has majored in recreational therapy from the Arizona State University. So far Scott Hogsett has been part of the US Quad Paralympics team thrice. He has also played for the Phoenix Heat. Other than that he dedicates his time working as a mentor for young athletes.

Bob Lujano:
Bob Lujano’s disability was caused by the blood disease Meningococcemia. He has carried on with his love for sports appearing in several US Quad Rugby National Championships. Playing for the Lakeshore Demolition of Birmingham, Al, he has won five Quad Rugby National Championships. Bob Lujano has also proved to be an important part of the US Quad Paralympics team. As part of the team he has won three medals. He holds a M.S. in Sports Management from University of Tennessee. Bob Lujano has also worked as a Coordinator of Athletics for the US Olympic & Paralympics’ Training Site.